Advantages of Load Sending equipment


The Load Sensing steering system will allow you to prioritize the direction of the tractor without generating heat in the hydraulic circuit. The manifold of the third sensitive outlet will allow you to operate a hydraulic motor, implement or a large pneumatic seeder. The built-in pressure compensated flow regulating valve prevents over-speed in the turbine.

Verion also has a valve system to place on the hydraulic motors that allows a smooth braking preventing cavitation, pressure shocks and possible failures.

Increases the useful life of the components and less maintenance. The Verion system generates lower temperature in the hydraulic system because the pump delivers only the flow that consumers require.

Increase the hydraulic power of your tractor to be able to move implements that you could not before. Lift planter from 10 to 24 rows in 6 to 8 seconds.

If there is no consumption, the pump generates a minimum flow, achieving less fuel consumption with the consequent saving of money. The system is fully adjustable in flow at each exit. In addition it will allow you to reach the head, bend, quickly raise the planter and markers maintaining a sufficient regime in the third exit so that the seeds remain on the disk.

In conventional tractors when the clutch is activated when the clutch is actuated, the PTO is disconnected, the RPM drops in the turbine and the consequent discharge of the disc seeds, generating time losses and defects in the plate.

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